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Home Care Services: When Driving May Be Unsafe For Your Loved One

Oct 31, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Your loved one’s performance on the blacktop matters and if you have ever questioned their ability to drive or their safety on the road, our home care services teams warn that you need to assess their driving ability. Not all seniors will be able to retain the ability to drive safely and this can be due to medical reasons, eye sight, and more. Your loved one’s home care services provider recommends that you always approach the situation cautiously as your loved one may feel like you are taking away their independence. This can lead to upset, confusion, and possibly a disagreement.

Below, our home care services team will talk about some of the ways you can assess your loved one’s ability to drive.

  • Is your senior scared to drive alone or even at night? This could be because they have a hard time seeing or they may not be able to discern where they are
  • Walk around your loved one’s car and look for any signs of damage that may be new
  • Take several drives with your loved one and pay attention to their attitude as they drive. Are they aware? Fearful? Anxious or frustrated?
  • Have you noticed that your loved one’s ability to react to traffic lights or stops has been slowed?
  • Does your senior engage in questionable driving activity? This could be running yellow lights, following too closely, or not stopping in a timely fashion
  • Is your senior aware of their surroundings? Do they know where they are or how to get home from their local spots?

Your loved one’s age does not indicate whether he or she can drive, but, you do need to assess their ability out on the road to ensure their safety and other driver’s safety. Our home care services team is here to help, and you can learn more about us by calling Comfort Keepers today

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