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Senior Care Providers Bring Awareness About What Vaccines Are Recommended For Seniors

Oct 16, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Vaccines are important as they help reduce our risk of contracting a serious illness. In addition, vaccines can lessen the symptoms that are experienced when a virus or disease is contracted. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 43% of adults, 65 and older, have NOT has their vaccines updated. Senior care experts warn that as we get older, we become more susceptible to serious infections and illness.

Of course, vaccines cannot always be a guaranteed protection, they are a wonderful way to reduce your risk and they help limit how severe symptoms are. Below, our senior care experts will talk about some of the recommended vaccines for seniors.

  • Shingles vaccine – This vaccine is also known as the herpes zoster and is recommended for seniors. Shingles is a painful rash that appears on the skin and can cause complications for seniors. 25 percent of individuals who have shingles will develop postherpetic neuralgia, which is nerve pain that can last for months or years. Typically, this virus presents with blisters.
  • Pneumococcal vaccine – The pneumococcal bacteria is responsible for hospitalizing seniors every year. Unfortunately, some deaths do occur from this bacteria and it can leas to meningitis and pneumonia.
  • Influenza vaccine – This vaccine is recommended for seniors and helps prevent serious complications related to the flu. Senior care experts recommend that seniors speak with their PCP about this vaccine in October.
  • Tdap vaccine – This is a single shot that covers diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis. If it has been more than 10 years since you received this shot, it is recommended that you receive a booster.

Comfort Keepers Can Help

Senior care professionals at Comfort Keepers can assist in making sure your loved one is properly vaccinated or that their vaccinations are up to date. Call today to learn more about our services. 

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