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Dementia Care: Communication Tips For Seniors

Sep 6, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Alzheimer’s disease is a gradual disease but as it progresses, one of the most noteworthy symptoms is the inability to communicate and the confusion or loss of words and the meaning of them. Seniors who do have Alzheimer’s may become confused, scared, or frightened when this happens to them. Dementia care experts want you to be aware of some of the communication tips provided by the Alzheimer’s Association. These tips can help open dialogue and improve communication with your loved one.

First, it is vital that you sit down and take some time to better understand your loved one’s communication style and look for any challenges that they may face. You should learn both their verbal and non-verbal cues. It can be extremely difficult for someone with Alzheimer’s to communicate in the same way you do, so you should be ready to adapt to their communication style.

Dementia care experts want to remind you to be as patient as possible when you work with your loved one on communication. It can be difficult to not get frustrated or upset, but, remember, this is just as hard for them too. You should take a deep breath and limit your criticism or frustration. Always offer encouraging words.

You should try to communicate with your loved one in a quiet area, as loud and overcrowded places may scare or frighten them, which can cause them to shut down.

If your loved one has entered the late stages of Alzheimer’s, do be prepared to speak in a soft voice and reassure them of who you are, where they are, and the like. You may need to repeat yourself multiple times too.

No matter what, Dementia care specialists want to remind you to remain as positive as possible and work to keep your senior as comfortable as you can. Patience, understanding, and compassion will go a long way and can be the difference between effective communication and failure to communicate.

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