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Caregivers Can Help Make Home Adaptions To Ensure Your Visually-Impaired Senior Can Live Safely

Aug 23, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Vision loss is a natural part of aging in most cases seniors will experience some type of loss of their vision or an eye disease. Their condition can be mild, or it can be major, but either way, caregivers want you to know that seniors who do experience these conditions can live independently, especially when their home is equipped properly for them.

While caregivers do want you to know that your senior can live in his or her home, it is also important to note that seniors can succumb to falls in their home, especially when the home is cluttered, or they cannot properly see. Vision loss and falls are a serious recipe for disaster and you want to avoid it.

Below, our caregivers will provide you with some simple and easy home adaptions that can be made to ensure your senior’s home is as safe as possible.

  • Install grab bars in the bathroom and in other areas where your loved one could slip
  • Make sure that all furniture does not extend into the walkways and push in any chairs that are not in use at desks and tables
  • Remove worn, old, and wrinkled rugs or carpets, especially those that are loose
  • Use colored tape to help outline the edges of dangerous areas in the home such as ramps, steps, and transitions in the floor
  • Make sure your loved one’s home is lit up sufficiently and add touch lamps in common areas
  • Use non-skid flooring in the home or make sure that a non-skid solution is used to wash the floors

If you would like to learn more about our caregivers or you would like to have a free fall risk assessment performed, now is the time to call Comfort Keepers

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