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Home Caregivers Can Help Your Loved One With Low-Impact Exercises

May 29, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Exercising is an important piece to the puzzle of life and it is important that you always make sure to get your recommended amount of daily activity in or you may experience health problems later on down the road. As your loved one starts to age, they may find that it is difficult to exercise, especially when the exercises are fast paced. Home caregivers can help your loved one with low-impact exercises, which are recommended because they do not place a lot of stress on the body or joints of your loved one.

Low-impact exercises are recommended by home caregivers because they work to help build endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance. Below, you will find a few ideas for low-impact exercises that will assist your loved one in making sure they get their daily activity in.

Water Aerobics. Professionals often recommend water aerobics because they are a wonderful way to add strength and endurance into your routine. The water offers just enough resistance to provide your muscles with the workout they need, but the buoyance of the water makes the exercises easy on the joints.

Tai Chi. Home caregivers also recommend Tai Chi as it is a meditative exercise that promotes balance and flexibility. This exercise is extremely popular within the senior community because it makes use of small movements that limit the risk of injury to seniors.

Yoga. Yoga is another meditative exercise, but it helps with flexibility, balance, and endurance. Seniors often choose this form because it is relaxing and is known to help maintain weight and also control blood pressure levels.

The home caregivers at Comfort Keepers can assist your loved one in exercising to make sure they perform the exercise correctly and do not become injured. If you would like to learn more about our services, do call us at your convenience

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