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Home Care Experts Talk About Tips To Avoid Brain Injuries Due To Falls In The Elderly

Mar 26, 2018 by Garrett Hafler

Falls are one of the number one causes of traumatic brain injuries in the elderly. These types of injuries often lead to serious medical complications and often times, death in the most serious of cases. It is extremely important that you work with your loved one to eliminate any fall risks that may be present in their home. Teams can assist with this and reduce any hazards that are present. Comfort Keepers in Pittsford does offer home care risk assessments free of charge to you. These assessments will look for areas in the home that may be dangerous for your loved one.

Below, our home care team will provide you with some helpful tips to reduce the number of hazards in your loved one’s home and provide you with some steps you can take to help ensure falls do not happen.

  • Install some assistive devices in your loved one’s home to help reduce the risk of injury
  • Take your loved one to the optometrist and have their eyes checked at least once per year for any vision problems
  • Make sure your loved one’s home is well lit, as dark places can lead to slips and falls
  • Work with your senior’s home care provider to remove all hazards that may exist such as loose wires, clutter, and even loose rugs on the floor
  • Encourage your loved one to spend about 30 minutes per day exercising to help improve balance and coordination
  • Talk to your loved one’s doctor to find out if any of their medications cause dizziness

If you would like to learn more about the services that we can provide in home for your loved one, call Comfort Keepers today to discuss your options. 

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