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How Care Services Can Help Seniors Manage Diabetes This Holiday Season

Nov 17, 2017 by Garrett Hafler

Seniors who do have diabetes need to be extra cautious and aware throughout the entire holiday season. This is because overindulgence can occur quickly, and it may lead to negative side effects such as elevated blood sugar levels, weight gain, and improper diets. If your loved one does receive care services in his or her home, you may want to speak with them about how to properly manage your loved one’s diabetes this holiday season November is American Diabetes Month and our care services professionals have put together a small list of diabetes management tips to help your loved one.

Don’t Skip Any Meals

Our care services advocates want you to know that it is important that your loved one does not skip any of the meals they are supposed to consume. While it may be tempting to skip breakfast or lunch for a large dinner, it can be more dangerous than you think. In fact, your loved one may consume more food than they should and also, your loved one may find that he or she cannot control his or her blood sugar levels.

Find Food Alternatives

While an alternative food may not sound like it tastes good, there are alternative foods that are very delicious, and they help keep your loved one’s blood sugar in check. For example, at Thanksgiving, your loved one can enjoy some cauliflower mash instead of the traditional buttery mashed potatoes.

Sleep Is Important

Sleep is always important, and it is required for your loved one to be able to function properly. Your loved one should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep minimum. A lack of sleep can lead to problems controlling blood sugar levels.

Our care services are able to assist your loved one in managing their diabetes this holiday season. If you have any questions about your loved one’s care, speak with their care provider today. 

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